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There are several parts to this website, so here's a brief overview.

Monthly Newsletter: This page gives all the updates on what we've done and what we're doing. It is located underneath the "Home" tab.

Role Playing: This page deals with all the Role Playing products that Three Sages Games is currently working on.

Board Games: This page deals with all the Board Game products that Three Sages Games is producing, as well currently working on. You can also find PDFs of the rules for our games here, for your convenience.

Game Aids: This page deals with Three Sages Games' Map Tiles sets.

Crystalline Counters: This page deals with Three Sages Games' Crystalline Counters.

About Us: This section is about Three Sages Games and the 'Three Sages' themselves. If you're interested in learning about Sarah, Curtis and Heidi, this is the place to look.

Contact Us: This if where to look if you're interested in getting in contact with Three Sages Games.


  • July 9, 2016: Dwarf Stones Upgrade Pack is now available on our site for $1.50. It contains the rules and new pieces to upgrade an original copy of Dwarf Stones.

  • February 29, 2016: You can now listen to some of our music by our Creative Director- Curtis Lyon- on Youtube. The first song we've put up is "Lady is the Moon" from the album "Kings, Queens, and Lovers".

  • July 16, 2015: We now have a monthly newsletter detailing what's new and what we are working on! You can find it under the "Home" tab on our menu bar!

  • Jan. 17, 2015: You can check out how the new cover of Elvish Checkers looks in the tube at and a copy of our new rules under our board games page. Please enjoy!

  • Dec. 6, 2014: The new Elven Checkers label is the first one finished and we are continuing to create new covers for the different tube games. On top of this, we have more role-playing goodness for Alia-Wor coming up, starting with Gods of Wor. We'll continue updating as we more to share with everyone!

Monthly Picture

Here is one of the latest pieces of artwork

We are currently working on a diceless anime-style game called Anime Action. Motivation is used to push yourself to a goal that you could not normally achieve. We've created a game aid that allows you to keep easy track of your motivation.

Thanks for taking a moment to read through our home page. Now, go have fun!